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Our passion 
is being heard clearly.

Image by Jukka Aalho

Soundworks provides exclusive and distinctive male and female voice talent, for broadcast and non-broadcast services, including:

  • Digital Broadcast

  • Explainer and e-learning projects.

  • IVR (Internal Voice Recognition) and Messages on Hold.

Get quick, professional, and custom results.

Soundworks specializes in (ADR) Automated Dialogue Replacement, aka Dubbing or Looping, for TV and Film.  


Similar audio-video synchronization processes are used for YouTube, Podcasts, Social Media and other applications. 

Soundworks helps you master the creative side of interactive audio. 


Our Sound Designers know the expressive power of music, dialogue and atmosphere. 


From Pre-to post production, our goal is to provide that secret immersive something. 

Soundworks Inc. can conveniently cater  studio access remotely.


By  using your current connection, you can record from anywhere, while maintaining perfect recording clarity.



Over three decades of Award winning sound design.

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SW_Center Style Logo_whute.png

Our legacy has been shared with hundreds of Agencies, Business', Client's, and Individuals.


We're happy to help continue keeping your customers engaged, and provide added client loyalty and value.


Pre-Production, Production and

The Soundworks Inc. reputation is carried by everyone involved.

See a few of the brands who continue putting their trust, in us.

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SW_Center Style Logo_whute.png

Our passion 
is being heard clearly.

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