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Remote Access  

Soundworks provides remote studio access using HD quality audio streaming network resources.  

Remote Access
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 The proven industry standard for more than 30 years, ipDTL or "IP down the line", uses a high-speed internet connection instead of an ISDN line.


Soundworks Inc. connects talent and clients to our studios through a computer link.

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Source Connect   

Available for use with either Windows based OS  or  Mac OS.

Source-Connect and Source Connect Now make remote recording sessions for Clients and Voice Over Talent achievable from anywhere in the world.


This incredibly affordable alternative is simple for anyone to use.

Clients are able to record live audio as the voice over talent performs the voice over, rather than have the voice over talent sending an audio file via email after the session. 

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 Fast & Secure Remote Tools that match todays technologies. Soundworks Inc. helps provide instant access from your studio to ours, or ours to yours, with perfect sound clarity.


From the most simple, to the most in-depth project, your session will sound amazing

Connect with Soundworks Inc. staff and Sound Engineers to set up, or

inquire more about any one of these services. 


Your resource access information is just a quick call, or email away.

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Our passion 
is being heard clearly.

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