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TV | Film Audio 

Take your project to the next level.  Soundworks Inc. offers Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), and Audio-Video-Synchronization recording, for Video, TV  & Film applications.

TV | Film
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The ultimate keystone to your audio and video timeline depends on precision. 


Hire Soundworks Inc. to provide the highest quality sound design for broadcast (tv commercials) or non-broadcast (narration, YouTube, Podcasts or Social Media) applications.

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ADR & 


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Soundworks Inc_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The ADR process, aka Dubbing or Looping, replaces the original recording(s) of an actor or original voiceover with a new recording(s) through in-studio 

lip-sync performance(s).  

Trust Soundworks Inc. to provide a  controlled environment essential to your re-recording session.

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Our passion 
is being heard clearly.

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