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Tracking, Mixing, Mastering

We work to help make your music dreams a reality.

Clear recording levels. Balancing each element. Optimizing the mix and playback.

The highest definition available for each of the industries current media formats.

Scoring & Jingles

The Award-winning, in-house creative team at Soundworks Inc., uses a variety of singers and musicians to blend chords and rhythms into uniquely crafted company jingles.


Our process of lyric writing, recording music,  sound design, mixing, audio production, and final mastering, will make your brand more recognizable...  

TV, Radio, Social Media and YouTube...

by an
in-house creative team.

Sample Tracks
Corporate | Business Jingles
Original  Specialty Tracks
Exploreum Show

Soundworks Inc. provides musicians to create custom orchestrated musical scores for jingles and specialty music beds, with or without lyrics, for tv, radio, podcasts, social media, and Youtube.

SW_Center Style Logo_whute.png

Our passion 
is being heard clearly.

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